So who am I?

In few words?
A music lover, a whisky drinker, a laugh addict and a marketing enthusiast.
My superpower is being cheerful 95% of the time. And the remaining 5%? I mostly sleep 😀
That, and I make a kickass blueberry cheesecake and drink whisky (that’s important! 😀 )
What else

Oh, yeah. I freakin’ love marketing. I love doing it and love learning it. Even when it’s hard sometimes. Aand it’s pretty hard sometimes. But I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

I am a full-stack marketer @ and Digital Natives Ltd, and my professional goal is to become a full-stack marketing expert.
And what’s my goal with this blog? To help you become one too with me along the way.
So join me if you dare! 😀