Hello and Welcome

So what is this blog about? Well, to be really simple, it’s about marketing. To be a bit more specific it’s about.

And my mission is to become a full-stack marketing expert.

And why is this exciting for you? Because I want you to become one with me.

My story is quite simple: went to business school to learn marketing, finished it, landed a marketing job at a tech company, realized knew nothing about marketing (and tech for that matter)

Yeah, pretty disappointing.

So I spent my last year basically reading everything I could find on the internet about marketing, testing tools that can help me in my work or even personal life (I am a huge chrome extension addict I have like more than 50 extensions right now) and learned from my colleagues about product dev.

And now I want to share this knowledge with you. You who are in the shoes I was a year ago.

Out of school, into work and no usable marketing experience.

I want this blog to be the resource for you I wish I had when I started my job and a person you can turn when you have questions. ‘Cause the other thing I know very well is what it’s like to be a solo marketer at a tech company.

So if this sounds like a regular day in your life, then you’re in the right place:

Today you need to finalize your monthly newsletter, write some blog content and fill up your social media channels with content.

You realize you need a few graphics for your blog and newsletter, so you open up Photoshop and make a few banners and logos to use. Then you’re not sure what to title your blog post, so you come up with a few variations and validate them with your team members and maybe a few friends. Then one of your customers has a meltdown that EVERYTHING seems to be broken, so you run some tests and verify that there is no problem, but they may just not be connected to the internet. As the end of the day approaches, an RFP comes in with a deadline tomorrow morning, so you start putting that together just in time to go out with your team for your monthly dinner.

This group is a place where not only marketers but also entrepreneurs and the ‘jack of all traders’ can get together and learn the trade of ‘full-stack marketing. ‘

You don’t have to be good at everything, but you have to have enough exposure and experience at all levels of the marketing “stack” to be able to make good calls on how to spend your time, money and other startups resources in order to maximize the value you bring to the table.

Come and join me in my journey on becoming a full-stack marketing expert!



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